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And simply make sure everyone is having the "hap-hap-happiest Christmas.". Florida’s population is made up of several distinct and disparate groups of people, including: Old people; Immigrants; The very religious If you’re going to skip town to sign with the Miami Heat as LeBron James did, just go, dude. It asks the question: why does so much weird news come out of Florida? best. Â. New Documentary Reveals Why Florida Is So F*cking Weird. Americans love babies. https://torteenblog.com/2018/06/04/announcing-best-friends-week/, 7 Reasons Why Florida Is The Weirdest State In America, The Top 10 Modern Christmas Songs You Need On Your Playlist, It's Been Almost A Year Since The Pandemic Began, And I Still Haven't Adjusted To My 'New Normal', I Interviewed My Best Friend About Her COVID-19 Experience, And It Made Me More Appreciative, 17 Quotes From 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' That Are A 2020 Mood, COVID Doesn’t Magically Leave For The Holidays, So Celebrate With Caution, I Interviewed Harry Shum Jr. And Jessica Rothe About 'All My Life' And It'll Break Your Heart In The Best Way, 25 Quotes From ‘Christmas Vacation’ That Perfectly Encapsulate Your Mental State In 2020, 5 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit This Year. Superstar athletes follow the money all the time, so it can never be a surprise when one of them jumps ship, leaving a team and its city devastated. Still, only in Florida. She has made a healthy living off the bodies of dead toddlers, and has shined spotlights on their cases even when nothing can be gleaned from the kind of wild speculation in which she loves to engage. I grew-up in S. Florida. Those songs have existed so long, people don't remember a time without them. One morning there about fifteen years ago, I witnessed a 350 pound woman devour a T-bone steak around 7:30am at the local IHOP. On the other was right-wing commentators who, for the first time in their lives, were urging caution when it came to prosecuting an average person for an otherwise unremarkable crime. It's what every family feels and deals with during the holidays during normal times, even your snobby neighbors. Why Florida Is So Weird Why Florida Is So Weird. 1. Accessibility Help. Â. Minus the whole election thing, etc. But when an athlete keeps everyone in suspense for months, seemingly wavering back and forth between staying and going, and then participates in an hour-long special announcing “The Decision,” well, that takes a certain kind cavalier disregard for people’s emotional attachment to their teams. See more of Inventions Insider on Facebook. I'm saying this having lived in Florida for 3 years, so don't get the wrong idea. Clare Regelbrugge, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. A Zillion Examples and 5 Theories. Granted, “The Decision” took place in Connecticut, but it, and this stunning display of pretensiousness in Florida are part of the same on-going Miami-based douchebaggery. What are your thoughts? Worse, she’s merely a symptom—a nasty sebaceous wart—on a diseased and bloated media carcass where gossip-mongering hyenas come to feed. But for how long? Just don't go in the water. Or it could be the Publix subs. By. Christmas just has to look a little different. Rest of the Panhandle - This is basically where Alabamans go on vacation. During his second trial in the state, Bundy, who was handling much of his own defense, asked a witness on the stand to marry him. But even I have to admit I was taken aback by the sheer tsunami of media attention that came crashing down on Florida after Anna Nicole Smith died. The boy became the center of an international tug-of-war before finally being returned to Cuba, but not before an infamous raid was carried out in the dead of night to retrieve him from his relatives. 20% Upvoted. All the loose nuts from the other states eventually lose grip on reality and they fall down to … Here are some of his greatest hits presented without commentary: “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”, “The Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today,”, “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine.”, Amazingly, such statements were too much even for Florida residents, as West lost his reelection bid in 2012.Â. Sounds like a deal. nevermind, banned site thanks to Sobriquet for finding original source. On one side was the bombastic self-promoter Al Sharpton and some ill-defined “black community” clamoring for justice. Nearby there was a table packed with hunters in camouflage eating breakfast before no doubt heading into the wilderness for a day of killing. The aftermath did. ... Why does so much weird news come from Florida. Underneath the glorious beaches and perfect weather, Florida hides some weird quirks. It feels like Christmas snuck up on everyone, especially if you have been using Winter Break to sleep in and not worry about your day to day routine (totally not talking from experience). Trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, picking out the best tree and trimming it to the nines. Try a chicken tender sub if you ever get the chance. "Why is Florida so weird?" One guy stole 850 pairs of underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Within days of news of the shocking story of a teenager who went out for Skittles and iced tea and never came back, it turned into a full-fledged racial bitchfest. By. Nancy Grace has a lot to answer for here. However, the past five decades have seen a whole new wave of Christmas classics in pop culture. or. If you don’t believe us, you probably haven’t been reading the news. Just don’t. When most of us think of Christmas music, we imagine the traditional songs in the public domain. West doesn’t have that. Yahoo News explains why so much weird news comes from Florida, although The Miami New-Times prefers a more rational explanation. It's so big that a four-hour drive will get you from Disney World in Orlando to the shores of Miami Beach, and that's only traversing a small part of the state. Pinterest. 1. One violent reptile isn't enough for this great state. "The rationale used to be that America tilted toward the west and all the nuts rolled to California," Mormino, a history professor at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, told AOL Weird News in 2011. Bake all the treats and yumminess for the entire family. Custody of the land has changed hands more times than a Zipcar. Sections of this page. Where do you keep all the crap you don’t want on the first level of your house? This film is a must-watch every year as it brings forth the enthusiasm and holiday vibes in the hearts of every family during the holiday season! First to Know - February 5, 2015. For several weeks in the winter of 2000, Americans endured a Third World-style roller coaster ride in the wake of their presidential election. Make this holiday even better with these festive hits! Florida has always been a little different. By Craig Pittman. Twitter. happens to be a blog post from our sister paper in Seattle that features a few quotes from yours truly. This was great except for the whole evacuating the state ordeal and the airports packed with travelers angry that their vacations got cut short. Home Breaking News Why Is Florida So Weird? Googling ‘Florida man’ is the latest internet fad. My favorite Christmas movie is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," which is SO underrated compared with other Christmas movies, and the best quotes from the movie are too relatable this year. Florida, says a column in Slate, is home to the weird. Create New Account. Facebook. There’s a reason some of the highest car insurance rates in the country can be found around Miami. Twitter. And they love to hate suspected baby-killers even more than they love babies. It’s no surprise then, that the case of a young, white, single mother whose toddler went missing became The Most Important Thing Ever. Press alt + / to open this menu. Here are four theories on why Florida is just so damn strange. If you’re ever worried that chivalry is dead, know that another Florida man offered a female police officer $3 and a chicken dinner for sex. Not that weird news doesn’t happen elsewhere. Traditions are hard to break, especially when it comes to the holiday season. 11 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Florida Do. Why Is Florida So Weird? Around here, we think Florida is pretty cool. Living on a penis shaped state causes people’s brain fluid to slide to the back of their head sometimes. H.L. Your soaked clothes will say otherwise though. I spoke to my best friend, a class of 2020 senior at Neshaminy High School, and I truly learned how people aside from myself felt about the pandemic that ended the senior year so quickly. We have 20 million people living here, and then about a hundred million tourists who come every year. Gravity. ‘Florida Man’: New documentary explores why Florida is so goddamned weird 02.05.2015. Gonzalez’s mother had drowned trying to bring them to the states. Even more amazingly, she accepted. The whole scene made no sense at all. From the looks of these arcane laws, Florida Man has been around for a long time. I guess the obsession stems from the amount of these grocery stores in Florida and the good service you usually get. Who would have thought that the death of a voluptuous no-talent, pill-popping, former Playboy Playmate who married a shriveled octogenarian oil tycoon would’ve gotten so much press?Â. Well, a lot different. Allen West is one of those people who lack a frontal lobe—that part of the brain that prevents you from saying those crazy things you think, but know not to say in public because it's telling you not to say them. Let’s face it: Florida is the weirdest state. Kristen Haddox, Penn State University4. 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride of a year, with each month throwing us all in for a new loop. Today control of Florida is held by a tenuous alliance of evangelical NASCAR enthusiasts, Hispanics, and retired Jews. The Palm Beach Post put up a photo on their Instagram page of a police officer fending off an alligator with the following caption: ... Florida, says a column in Slate, is home to the weird. It certainly does. 9 comments. Weird, Florida News: Recent crimes, wildlife and bizarre instances that made headlines across the Sunshine State Florida Man on Lawnmower Hits Cop Car, Gets Arrested for DUI A Haines City man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly crashed his lawnmower into a … Florida, says a column in Slate, is home to the weird. As far back as the 1920s, the Florida land boom was a … Don't for get the keys, bro. ", We all know the holidays can be a very stressful time for, well, everyone. ELI5: Why is Florida so crazy? Why are people from Florida so weird? Facebook. Holy shi*t! Don’t insult this grocery store in front of any Floridan. "Hallelujah! Below is my personal list of why Florida is weird: Florida is shaped like a penis. Songs About Being 17Grey's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1. It’s a state of extremes. Unfortunately, some setbacks like COVID-19, online school, and quarantine as a whole have made the Holiday Season feel inadequate this year. Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. Our experts explain. Also, the House passed a bill to protect Terri Schiavo and only Terri Schiavo, which President Bush then signed. In May 2012, a naked homeless man was shot to death by police after refusing to stop eating the face of another naked homeless man. But, author Craig Pittman argues, it’s come to be expected in Florida: “When big news happens somewhere in the country, people in … But why is Florida America's class clown? Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. Pinterest. Florida became a weird news hotbed in the late 1990s, early 2000s and Florida historian Gary Mormino jokes tectonics may play a role. I was working as a news anchor for Friday Morning News, my high school's television show, on March 12, 2020. Then again Florida itself has never made much sense, especially as a geographic entity. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. One man only wanted pancakes but when his girlfriend served him waffles, he poked her eye out. Back in November 1999, a five-year old Cuban refugee named Elian Gonzalez en route to Florida was scooped up by fisherman and turned over to the United States Coast Guard. 03:21 pm. Most of these folks are crammed into a 35-40-mile-wide strip around the state’s coast or along the Interstate 4 corridor near Disney. It is suspected that both men were under the influence of “bath salts”—a catchall term for a variety of substances that obviously make great appetite enhancers.  Â. Jacksonville - Florida people actually don't think Jacksonville is as much a nightmare as everyone else does, but we don't tend to get out much. He suggests a few possible reasons in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio : "Well we don't have any snow as you know, and so as a result, people are able to be out doing weird stuff all year long," he said. One of America’s worst serial killers of all time, Bundy’s reign of terror ended in Florida, where his trials became the kind of televised media circus that Florida would become famous for in subsequent years. We have all been through so much with COVID and no one goes unappreciated. It’s a combination of factors: Fort Lauderdale Beach is a popular spot for people to cool down during the maddening heat of a Floridian summer. Jump to. I first knew something was horribly wrong with the state of Florida during an ever so brief stop in a muggy backwater armpit called Lake City. Florida has an uncanny knack for transforming tragedy into banality almost instantaneously. Source Really good article on why so much weird news comes out of Florida for all those G/A/F threads. But also spot on. It just seems like every time there's something really weird on the news, it's always something like "Florida man eats other person's face high on bath salts" or "Florida … Forgot account? Let’s explore why so many crazy stories come out of the state Forum; InsideHoops Main Basketball Forums; Off the Court Lounge; Florida. While many other states definitely have their faults, none have them quite like Florida. You have to hang all the stockings (with care) and wrap all the presents. Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society2. - Grew up in Florida. Stay away. Underneath the glorious beaches and perfect weather, Florida hides some weird quirks. Log In. Sometimes you wonder if the aforementioned crocodiles and alligators are driving instead. This one isn’t so much on Florida as it is on the U.S. Congress, which made complete asses of themselves trying to get the feeding tube of a brain-dead woman reinserted by calling her testify before the Senate. Demographics have constantly changed, quite possibly because no one group thinks the place is worth hanging on to. It used to be dominated by the Seminoles; and the Spanish; and the British; and the Spanish again before the Americans seized the territory. Don’t hold a live interview in which you give a city that’s done nothing but embrace you for seven years a big middle finger on national television. This outrageous exchange produced nothing but yawns amongst Floridians, who experience far greater displays of freakdom during a trip to the supermarket. Florida's rich and diverse culture presents a unique opportunity to only drive a few hours and feel like you're in a whole different place. Driving through rush hour traffic in South Florida will take years off your life. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? share. (Simply put, it's just easier to get access to the police reports.) Until then, they were mercilessly harassing some poor fellow sitting alone, peppering him with absurd questions about his mother. Until June 2000, Gonzalez stayed in Miami with relatives, while the Cuban government and Gonzalez’s father demanded his return. The way we're living is not the way we're supposed to live. Trump signs massive funding bill, averts shutdown It’s one thing not to know who the president will be before an election is held, but after? admin - Jul 25, 2013: 8:10 am. or. Where's the Tylenol?". Create New Account. The moment you Google something like, “Why is Florida,” before you even have the chance to type in the next letter or word, the blank is automatically filled in for you with “so crazy” or “so weird.” Is there something in the state’s character that feels the need … The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened In Florida In 2018. Add to Favorites. Not feeling the Holiday spirit in 2020? From the rock stars of the 70's to the pop stars of today, here are ten modern Christmas songs you need on your playlist. Why are you so weird? Sign Up. "I don't know what to say, but it's Christmas, and we're all in misery. This has to do with zoning laws and the high water table around the state but it's still weird if you're from up north and used to this extra level in your house. That guy was writing in 1948, which shows how long we’ve been strange and crazy and weird. There’s plenty of sunshine, water and wildlife to enjoy–and we … And, in case you're wondering, the first search result for "Why is Florida so weird?" You remember this guy? Log In. Hurricane Irma gave me more time off of school than any snow vacation I experienced in high school ever. Why does so much weird news happen here? The Population The majority of Floridians were not born in the state, and a significant portion weren’t even born in the country. Another attacked an ice cream man for not giving him a pickled sausage in exchange for $20. Log in or Sign up log in sign up. While many other states definitely have their faults, none have them quite like Florida. Facebook. You’ll thank me. … Seriously, it will rain so hard that you’ll think there’s a hurricane outside but then it clears up in ten minutes and it will seem like it never happened. That sort of scenario is only seen in places where the leaders don epaulettes and answer to “General.” After a lot of recounting and discussion about hanging chads, voter intent, and some court decisions, it was decided that George W. Bush had won the election. A Zillion Examples and 5 Theories. Basically, Florida is so weird because we have so many people here now—we’re the third most populous state. by Matt Stopera. And that's a wonderful thing. The couple did not live happily ever after, as Bundy was executed seven years later. A court deemed this politicization of a very personal issue ridiculous and unlawful. ... That’s why Florida tends to be a sunny place for shady people. Reddit. Why does Florida produce so much weird news? WhatsApp. Mencken once said that no one ever went broke underestimating the American public. I first knew something was horribly wrong with the state of Florida during an ever so brief stop in a muggy backwater armpit called Lake City. Not Many People Realize That These 15 Things Are Actually Illegal In Florida Florida has some strange criminals, so it only seems fitting that we would have some strange old laws on the books. Tags: Florida Jon Stewart has called Florida “America’s Wang,” and it does seem like the state’s strong peninsular properties somehow attract people who are on the end of their rope. Here's some different things to do to make you feel the Christmas magic. See more of Inventions Insider on Facebook. Topics: U.S.A.!!! As I left, two shades-wearing, jack-booted highway patrolmen sauntered in, keeping their motorcycle helmets on, as if prepared for a brouhaha inside. July 31, 2013 6:45 AM. Facebook. Florida is big. "All My Life" is not your typical romance blockbuster. best (suggested) top … While celebrating this magnum opus, I would like to share 25 quotes that mirror our 2020 mental state to the core. And to prove it, here are 10 infamous incidents that collectively demonstrate why Florida’s nickname shouldn’t be the Sunshine State, but America’s Freakshow. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1271 w/Billy Corben:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDm5YXIal48 Google+. Flipboard. The Florida Everglades is the only place on earth where crocodiles and alligators share a habitat. Sort by. Although co-stars Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. acted in hits such as "Happy Death Day" and "Crazy Rich Asians," respectively, the two decided to try an unglamorous take on unconditional love during a time when we needed it most. I wanted to find out, so I asked Craig Pittman, a de facto expert on all things Florida weird. The stars of this movie talk about the reality of cinematic representation and star-crossed relationships. save hide report. Hollywood has gifted us with the classic "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" film starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo 31 years ago, but it is still relevant and a magnificent delight, even in the times of the COVID-19 global pandemic. That the Zimmerman/Martin incident broke down along ideological lines was a sad and pathetic display of race-baiting we could well do without. Add Chevy Chase into the mix and you have one of the funniest Christmas movies of all time. Twitter. BuzzFeed Staff. The above photo is one of the biggest non-sex-related PR disasters of the Clinton administration. [Laughs.] The racism didn't come as a shock. Even more bizarre than the media attention was the behavior of that judge during the subsequent custody hearing.

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