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What's the Best Way to Estimate a Horse's Weight? CoolStance Copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), and yet has a high digestible energy content. Proper fortification of vitamins and minerals helps ensure health and well-being. The high fibre level will limit the use of the meal in poultry and pig feeds. CoolStance® may also be fed successfully to horses developing or suffering from metabolic disorders. These games includes horse racing, archery and wrestling. This was their first time feeding it, we dont know how much they fed, whether they started off with a very small amount with the aim of building it up over a 2 week period as you are supposed too. 2 Find a distributor or buy online. The copra meal provides a source of high-quality protein for horses, pigs, sheep, deer, and fish, benefitting the animals in multiple ways. Because of processing, copra is often brownish in color, not the bright white of store-bought coconut. It is recommeded that Premium Copra Meal be fed with a complete mineral suppliment if used as your horses base diet. CoolStance® can be fed to most types of horses - working, spelling and breeding. Ensure horses have access to clean water. Key Benefits. Recently, there has been particular interest in copra as a feed ingredient because of its low nonstructural carbohydrate (NSC) content, making it suitable for horses with metabolic issues that have trouble handling starch and sugar, like those with insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), or polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM). You are using an outdated browser. Some commercialised oils are made using GMO seeds/grains. Only feeds with < 12% NSC should be considered for horses susceptible to EMS. We recommend first using some kitchen scales to weigh your first scoop to get your feeding rate correct, so you know how much to feed each time after that. It may be useful in the diet of horses affected by Cushing's disease to reduce the NSC intake. Broodmares: Increase to 3kg/day in last trimester CoolStance copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), and yet has a high digestible energy content. We recently competed at the Victorian Arabian championships. Key Benefits. Vitamin E, Oxidative Stress, and PPID in Horses: Is There a Link? CoolStance copra is suitable for most horses and can be fed to maintain a natural state of gut health and insulin sensitivity, ie normal insulin metabolism. Night feed: 1kg Coconut Meal? Copra meal is a valuable feed for ruminants and can be used as a protein supplement for grass-fed animals, either alone or in combination with other protein sources. Take the short questionnaire and receive a custom balanced diet with product recommendations. If the product is off-putting in any way, horses will not eat it as their sensitivity to rancid fat is very high and refusal is almost certain. In the study, scientist examined the insulin and gluscose spikes caused by Copra meal and compared with those of Sweet feed (33.7% NSC), Pellets (25.3% NSC) and Pasture (7% NSC). Copra meal is used as fodder for horses and cattle. Adding starch to the diet in the form of a concentrate (such as a sweet feed) or straight cereal grains to raise energy levels would help this problem. Spelling horses or horses in recovery: Not in work Copra does not contain a balanced complement of essential amino acids, as it is relatively poor in lysine, the amino acid essential for growth and for support of the immune system. Recently, feeds containing copra have been appearing in the United States horse-feed market. You can than slowly increase to half a dipper of dry copra. In a concentrate that is only part copra, many of these issues are balanced out. This means they are digested slowly, and are prone to rancidity during storage. Some of these are little more than pelleted copra with no fortification while others are well-balanced concentrates with copra as a minor ingredient. CoolStance should be introduced gradually into diet over a two week period. CoolStance is packed with ‘cool' energy from coconut oil and fibre from coconut meal. Well I feed Copra to all 15 horses. Sign up for free now! Read More, If you have any questions at all about any products in the Stance Equitec range then please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you, Call 1800 STANCE (782623), Each horse performed 30 minutes of trot work each morning, except for on days that blood was collected. Contains <2% starch and may reduce the effect of hot or fizzy behavior in horses; Contains < 11% Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) making it a low GI (glycemic index) feed If copra is used as major component of the diet for young, growing horses, additional lysine, threonine, and methionine supplementation should be a consideration. Performance horses: Heavy work Coconut oil is highly saturated, which makes it very stable (ie. If you find a product that contains copra meal as its base, you might be confronted with a few issues depending upon the specific fortification added to the feed. CoolStance® does not contain any husk or shell. Restricting overall NSC intake is not easy when horses are living on high-sugar pastures, therefore using additional feeds that are low NSC will assist in keeping total sugar and starch levels as low as possible. The protein in copra meal has been heat treated and provides a source of high-quality protein for cattle, sheep and deer, because it does not break down in the rumen. Coconut oil is very different from many of the other vegetable oils commonly fed to horses. Foals may be fed CoolStance® in a creep feed. Therefore, the energy from the fiber fraction of copra would be similar to that of grass but the higher fat content will make the total product more calorie-dense.

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